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Marriage Annulment

28 February 2018 Asep Wijaya 932 times

Marriage annulment in Indonesia is being conducted in very limited requirements. It must be done within six (6) months since the marriage date. Otherwise, you better go with divorce proceedings. 

You need to have the following reasons for conducting a marriage annulment:

  1. if either spouse in the married couple is still bound in a marriage with another person so that the second marriage cannot be continued,
  2. if the married couple are discovered to have a blood relationship,
  3. if the marriage is conducted without the consent of a guardian or conducted by an invalid guardian,
  4. if the marriage was forced,
  5. and so on pursuant to the law.

A husband or a wife may submit a petition for marriage annulment in the event the marriage was conducted under threat or if, at the time of marriage, there was a misunderstanding or one of the two parties believed that he/she was deceived. If the threat is stopped or the misunderstood party realizes his/her mistake, but within six months they still live as a married couple, and neither of them uses his/her right to annul the marriage, their right will be null and void.

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