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Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia

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Police clearance certificate in Indonesia also known as Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian (so called “SKCK”). This is the police certificate that certifying your crime record. Previously, known as Good Conduct Certificate (Surat Keterangan Kelakuan Baik/SKKB) certifies that you are not involve in a crime until certain period of time.
The police clearance certificate valid for six (6) months since date of issuing. You may submit a renewal application when you think you need a longer timeframe. At Wijaya & Co, we always pay attention to details of our client’s case. 
If you stay in Indonesia for more than six (6) months, according to our experience, the following countries would require a police clearance from Indonesia:
  1. Italy;
  2. Canada;
  3. Australia;
  4. New Zealand;
  5. United States (Spouses applying for a green card within the United States have to lodge police records instead of police clearance certificate).
Terms and Conditions
Police clearance in Indonesia can only be issued if you stay in Indonesia under a KITAS (Kartu Ijin Tinggal Terbatas/Limited Stay Permit). This is your residency permit as issued by the local immigration office in Indonesia. The KITAS can only obtained through sponsorship of employment or spousal.
Supporting Documents
If you are a foreigner, the required supporting documents for the application of police clearance are as follows:
  1. Copy of your passport;
  2. Copy of your KITAS;
  3. Copy of police report such as SKLD
  4. Fingerprints form;
  5. Power of Attorney.
Some people might not have all complete supporting documents that cover the period of your stay in Indonesia, or you just don't have the required documents but the police clearance is imposed on you by the immigration authorities. This is not a personal attack on you. This is what happen if you're working with bureaucracy everywhere. Please contact me and we'll discuss how you can move forward with your application.
If you are an Indonesian, the police require the following supporting documents:
  1. Attestation from the local Kelurahan/Kecamatan;
  2. Copy of your KTP and family card;
  3. Copy of your birth certificate;
  4. Photograph 4 x 6 cm.
Prerequisite Requirements
The police headquarters require you to supply the police clearance from your local Polres (local police precinct) in the city where you live, before they can issue you one that valid internationally. The reason behind this is because the Polre may know better about your background than the headquarters.
Fingerprints Formula
The police clearance certificate from Indonesia is very complete and has the details of your biographic information, including your fingerprints formula. Each person has very specific fingerprints and non-identical from others. Just like DNA. It consist of number and letters that represent pattern of your fingerprints. This is the reason they may require you to present at the police precinct.
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