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Custody and maintenance of children, like other family matters in Indonesia such as divorce, and inheritance; is governed by religious affiliation of the respective spouses. Some of you may find it absurd, but this relates to the belief that religion plays an important role in the family environment. Child Custody…
25 October 2011
Children born outside of marriage are declared as illegitimate on their birth certificates under Indonesia's 1974 Marriage Law. In Indonesian, the term illegitimate is known as ''Anak Luar Kawin'' referring to the child born outside the marriage of the two parents. As such, these children do not have any legal…
27 March 2009
Double Citizenship under the New Law: Acquiring Indonesian Citizenship for Child Born in the Mixed-Marriage General Overview The new Indonesian citizenship law considered as landmark on citizenship. It provides for, among others, children from mixed-marriage to have dual citizenship until they reach 18 years of age or more when they…
18 October 2008
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