Prenuptial Agreement in Indonesia

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Marriage annulment in Indonesia is being conducted in very limited requirements. It must be done within six (6) months since the marriage date. Otherwise, you better go with divorce proceedings. You need to have the following reasons for conducting a marriage annulment: if either spouse in the married couple is…
28 February 2018
Marriage is a step that will surely be passed by every human being, male and female. The nature of marriage under applicable Indonesia’s 1974 Marriage Law stated that Marriage is the inner and outer bond between one man and one women as the husband and wife with the intention of…
13 October 2017
The provisions concerning dissolution of marriage and its legal consequences are generally regulated in Marriage Law, which is further stipulated in Government Regulation Number 9 Year 1975 regarding the Implementation of Marriage Law. As for Moslem-married couples, the divorce proceedings are being regulated further according to the Compilation of Islamic…
18 September 2017
In Indonesia, every divorce lawyer will have to refer to the 1974 Marriage Law and its implementing rules for divorce and marital dissolution. A divorce petition must be filed at the local district court for Non-Moslems, and local Religious Court for Moslems. There are certain marital dissolution reasons according to…
27 January 2017
You and your spouse are foreigners. Both of you have been living in Indonesia for several years due to work commitments. Either your spouse works in Indonesia or being your dependent, both of you are residents of Indonesia. After all you have been through, you find the romance is no…
22 June 2010

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