Prenuptial Agreement in Indonesia

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The laws and regulation in Indonesia recognize two (2) types of public and private adoption. Public adoption is applicable in the event, the child was abandoned or neglected by his/her birth family, and raised by a foster care institution managed by the government. The relevant institution in this matter is…
30 September 2019
Child born out of wedlock in Indonesia may include its biological father on its birth certificate. The only way to do this is by getting the father acknowledge the child. They must support the claim with a DNA test, and backed by at least two witnesses. Furthermore, the legalization of…
27 August 2019
Real estate transaction in Indonesia is simple, but yet tricky and requires a little knowledge. It is very interesting to dig a little bit of this. Just to make sure you have the big picture. When you're purchasing a land and/or a building, you're dealing with a seller or the…
20 August 2019
The origin of a child is a legal proceeding conducted with the child born out of wedlock in Indonesia. This is to create a relationship between the child and the biological father. It happens when you conceived a child before your marriage legally registered. This may be happen for so…
31 July 2019

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